DIY Barndoor Window Shutters | Barnwood + Galvanized Steel

Praise sweet baby jesus for a crafty/handy husband 🙌  It was almost as easy as we thought it would be to make these bad boys. We did the hard part; we will show you how to make them the EASY way, make less mistakes and have some beautiful barnwood door shutters. 

Supply List:


To save time, spending a little more money ($2 per piece), we went with the ghostwood barnwood from Home Depot. It was already the color we wanted it and we saved a few days because we weren’t dealing with staining and drying time. We also found PLASTIC corrugated “steel” which was a lot lighter and easier to cut then the regular steel.silver-city-finished-reclaimed-wood-barn-wood-boards-hdgw20104sc08-64_1000castle-gray-suntop-plastic-panels-108974-64_1000

Lets start. First you want to measure your window opening. We made our shutters exactly the same size as the window. Using your measurements make each door the same height as your window and half the width.

Measure and cut with your miter saw the outside frame pieces and put those together. Cut two long pieces for the sides and three short pieces for the top, middle and bottom. Use your triangle to make sure all your edges are straight. Attach them together with brackets and wood screws to create a sturdier frame.


Lay a piece of wood across the top where it would go inside the frame, meeting up exactly at the edges, marking the sides where it meets the wood frame. Using your triangle or level draw a straight line across meeting up with your markings and that is where you will make your cut on the miter saw.

IMG_2313   IMG_2314

We were originally going to do X’s in the centers. Instead we went with just one diagonal piece. If you want to do x’s follow the same steps over for that piece.


Cut your corrugated sheet with a jigsaw a little smaller then your frame. Using wood screws attach the sheet across the back at all four corners. The diagonal wood pieces fit snug so we didn’t attach them using the brackets. We used the wood screws and attached them to the corrugated sheet. It helped it fit more snug against the frame.


Screw on your handles and That’s it! Your doors are done. Total we spent about $220 on the doors, including the handles.


The barn door slide was the pain in the toosh. We originally ordered these slides on Amazon. They were gorgeous and great quality. The problem was my brain, not the slides. I ordered the wrong size 😅. Instead of waiting again we decided to make our own DIY slides.


It actually wasn’t to hard. But I say that because I just watched.


They were slightly cheaper (added an extra day of work) and I really love it. You can find the tutorial we used here. Our DIY slides cost about $90 to make. The ones on amazon were $60 for a 6ft slide. We needed a 9ft slide which was about $130.


Didn’t they turn out AMAZING!?!?! All the credit goes to the hubs. I showed him a picture and he did the rest. They hide so much light and sun. Living in Arizona we need that in the summer months.


While we were at it we made some new signs for the kitchen too. They fit perfect on the wall and the doors can slide right over the top of them when we open them up all the way. The signs are up in our store if you’re in the need for some giggles in your kitchen.


Let us know if you make a set for yourself and how it went.

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